I am Mike Canfield and I have been a member of a team training WSART/WAIT since 1998. It was then that Dr. Barry Glick, co-author of 'Aggression Replacement Training...a comprehensive intervention for aggressive youth', came to Washington State to help implement the WSART Program in the Juvenile Court System. Dr. Glick has even included some of our work in his most recent revision of this book. I hope this site can help you have a successful experience training WSART/WAIT.

The research is in and WSART works!

After our original training we formed a quality assurance team led by Chris Hayes, Washington State QAS. The team met quarterly with lead trainers and others from approximately 30 Juvenile Courts.  Our State QAS, WSART Consultants and Lead WSART Trainers worked to fine tune and continue to develop WSART. The first two years were a challenge, but we have achieved building a successful program. The largest research project confirming this success was done here in Washington. Check out the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to read the findings. Check back from time to time as I build and update this site. Though I have left this team recently, I continue to train and consult with groups around the country. This is a great program in that our youth can learn it and go on to contribute to society. 


About a year or so after starting to train WSART, and with the support of the WSART Team, we developed the WSART Calendar. I partnered with Dr. Glick for the first year, he was very excited about the calendar. Washington State gave calendars to youth graduating from the WSART groups to keep the training in front of them for another year. We hope you find our calendars to be an important addition to your WSART/WAIT training. We are now making calendars on a limited basis.

Beth and I have been fostering challenging teens since 1983. Washington State Aggression Replacement Training has been an excellent addition to what we can offer these youth. We have used these calendars in our home. Click on calendars to see some of the pleasant imagery I use on the picture page. Check out an example of "The Picture Page". Each month on the left side of this page are some of the 50 social skills we all should practice to make our world a better place. On the "Calendar Page you will find the skills taught in WSART/WAIT. Below the picture is the "Anger Control Chain" a development that came from our QAS Chris Hayes. On the right you will find, in alternate months, a version of Kohlberg's levels of moral reasoning used in WSART. I have also  included the cognitive distortions/thinking errors, both a focus in this training.