One Day Invitation to WSART/WAIT

   I train Washington State ART/WAIT and my wife Beth trains foster parents. After seeing what I train, Beth suggested we find a way to train WSART/WAIT to foster parents. Foster parents live with these kids and the training is just good to have if you are a human on this planet. So, we began to look at how we could bring this training to the foster care world and other caregivers. We created a 6 hour training called Invitation to WSART.

This training has helped people get excited about the possibilities. By teaching our youth Social Skills, Anger Control, and Moral Reasoning, caregivers can add to their sense of acomplishment. We have had the pleasure to train at the National Foster Parent Association annual conference and many other caregiver gatherings. This six hour training allows for attendees to practice each of the three segments of WSART/WAIT and is a lot of fun.

     We have since created a shorter version were we talk really fast and we get the information out in three hours. There is no time to practice the three segments of WSART/WAIT, but the information is something folks can take home and practice with their kids.

     I have also used this same information to develop a 3 day, (5 total hours) class for our Kitsap County Juvenile Court's Diversion Program. This class sells the kids on the idea of taking this information and using it to get more control over their future. The youth and the parents that sit in on the class find the information something they can take home and begin to use. If you would like more information just let me know. We look forward to sharing these trainings

The cost of bringing Invitation to WSART/WAIT to your community is $1000 or $500(3hour), plus expenses for a married couple.