Training of Trainers

Training Trainers is one of my greatest pleasures. WSART/WAIT should be tought at every level throughout the school system, juvenile justice programs, and any intervention or situation where aggression is the problem. I can not recall the number of times I have heard from trainers, kids and families, that this is the best training that they have ever had. I won't leave trainers hanging either. I will be there to support their efforts as long as they need or want my support. There are only so many training dates in a year, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Training of Trainers

Trainings can be arranged for smaller groups contact Mike for details.


4 Day Training of Trainers (first 10 trainees)





Additional Trainees (per each additional trainee, 10 max)=(20)


Expenses, Hotel, Car and Air (if needed for 1st trainer)


Expenses for Additional Trainer if over 12 Trainees


Host Prints Manuals


Ongoing Quality Assurance for your project will include:

Monthly phone consults @ $50.00 per hour (Typically one hour per month) $50.00
Quarterly QA Meetings (4 hours on site estimated) $400.00
Video review (3 one hour recorded sessions per trainer) $250.00
Onsite visits/consultation (2 hours onsite estimated) $200.00
Refresher Trainings (annually one day) $1000.00
One set of laminated training posters for each training site (24 posters in a set)  
Large Format ART (25” x 36”)  $160.00
Medium Format ART (18” x 22”) $96.00
Small format ART(12 ½” x 18”)  $62.00
ART student reference cards (SST Steps & ACT Steps, 10 cards) $10.00

To order posters contact:

Rick Reichardt
Vocational Training Supervisor
Green Hill School

Estimated cost to run a ten week group:

One trainer @ $50.00 10 hours per week for 10 weeks   $5000.00
One co-trainer @ $50.00 6 hours per week for 10 weeks   $3000.00
Incentives per ten week group   $400.00
  Total $8400.00